Many advantages in a single tool

CataLean helps Marketing and Sales departments to manage and present products with a single innovative tool.

Multi-channel marketing

CataLean allows you to communicate and send information regarding your brand and products from a single central location. The image will always be consistent with corporate guidelines. The information will be always aligned with the latest updates and available on all communication channels: web, smartphone, tablet, touch point.

Effective presentations and sales

CataLean provides the sales force with an innovative tool that makes the quality of the offer convincing. Thanks to an effective and interactive presentation of products and a fast application response, your sales force will convey seriousness and security.

Updated data, a single platform anywhere

Data and content reside in a central archive and are distributed over all available digital channels. CataLean takes care of presenting information correctly, adapting it to a specific communication channel.


Your sales force will be equipped with an innovative tool that will provide interactive, engaging and up-to-date presentations in real time. The latest offers will be highlighted and will guide the sale to top products.

Collaboration and roles

With CataLean, more people can take care of content updates, even if they are located in different places, each one with a proper role and competency-based specific responsibilities. Only administrators will be able to decide when contents are ready to be published.

Design e UX

CataLean interface is designed to favour a perfect user experience. Guided searches, icons, intuitive graphics and a polished design accompany the user in exploring the product catalogue and in viewing the contents. The same attention is reserved to the administrator user during updating activities.

Forms and customization

CataLean has a modular structure that allows to add and remove functions depending on your business needs. The result is a market and end-user based tool. The graphic aspect can also be adapted to the company’s guidelines in order to give continuity and value to the Brand.

Return on investment

Innovative content management solutions introduced by CataLean guarantee the company immediate savings in terms of upgrades, time and errors. All of this helps to improve efficiency and timeliness.

How CataLean works?

CataLean brings innovation into product management and presentation because it meets the real needs of companies and markets

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