CataLean: Interactive Product Catalogue for Tablet and Smartphone

Update your interactive product catalogue once and whenever you want: your products will always be updated automatically, even in offline mode!

What is an Interactive Catalogue?

If you think it is just a digital brochure, it’s not. CataLean is much more than that. Unlike traditional paper brochures, CataLean allows you to consult your product catalogue on computer, Tablet or Smartphone.

It can be updated whenever you want even if you are not connected to the internet. Once updated, CataLean will always be automatically updated and hence will favour investments reduction in traditional printing.

App Catalogo Catalean

What are the advantages of CataLean?


    CataLean improves your marketing investments and reduces the costs of the traditional printing. With data sinchronized in multiple languages CataLean increases the productivity of your company by helping the sales force to sell more and in less time.


    Your marketing and sales departments will be able to collaborate and will no longer have to worry about managing outdated data that often create difficulty in the company. Finally, they will be able to focus on the sales strategies, set goals and objectives, organize the sales network and analyze statistical data using CataLean.


    You will be able to present your products in a simple way with the help of a single tool, all thanks to an intuitive design and easy filtering information architecture.


    A CataLean catalogue does not simply present your products, it emphasizes the strength of your brand. This is why what we offer is a customizable catalogue that makes you feel it was designed espesially for you.


    Our team is flexible, so every CataLean catalogue is specifically designed for your market sector and target audience as well as with due regard to your needs and objectives. With our interactive catalogue you only pay for what you really need!


Customized design


Always updated products


PC and Mobile compatible


Easy to use

CataLean is different from any other interactive catalogue: it is a product that really interacts with users and elevates the user experience to the next level.

CataLean catalogues all products in a single App which is always updated. Lots of advantages in a single tool!

Diminuisce i tempi di aggiornamento

• Reduces update times

Centralizes your product information in a single tool

Reduces Business costs

Reduces Business costs

Minimizes management times and costs

• Increases Productivity

• Increases Productivity

Enhances collaboration between marketing and sales departments

Attracts clients

Attracts clients

Product presentation attracts and engages audience with digital content: photo, video and other extra solutions that paper catalogues do not offer

How CataLean works?

CataLean brings innovation into product management and presentation because it meets the real needs of companies and markets

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