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Here you will find answers to most commonly asked questions about CataLean. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide any additional information.
What is CataLean?

CataLean is a tablet, smartphone and web application that effectively organises your product information and enhances the sales force and marketing performance. You will be able to present your products by means of video, images, technical data sheets that are updated automatically.

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Is CataLean an interactive application or a simple browsable catalogue?

CataLean is not a digital browsable catalogue but an application packed with useful functions that allows you, for example, to find products through a guided search or by filtering categories, features and technical specifications.

For example: you are looking for shoes, men’s, elegant? “Shoes” is a category, “men’s” and “elegant” are characteristics. CataLean will show you the results relevant to your search, sorted according to the criteria you choose (e.g. recent, economic, etc.)

You will not waste time finding the product you look for as it might happen with paper or pdf catalogues, it will take you a couple of clicks to reach any product of the catalogue.

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What are the differencies between CataLean and a digital catalogue?

A digital catalogue is a mirrored copy of a paper catalogue where you look for a product you are interested in by flipping through pages.
CataLean, on the contrary, is an application where products are divided into categories, characteristics, functions or market sectors.

Furthermore, each product description offers more information than in a digital catalogue. You will be able to download all the necessary documentation, consult technical specifications and information by interacting with the product through videos and images. 

What are the CataLean advantages?

CataLean improves the sales process and accelerates the distribution of data. With the centralization of product data you can:

  • optimize the productivity of your staff or your agents who will be able to work on the same platform without having to send tons of email notifications;
  • reduce research and product update time;
  • reduce errors in the sales
    process: your sales force will always have updated data anywhere;
  • reduce printing waste, logistics and content control.

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Who is CataLean useful for?

CataLean helps sales forces effectively manage sales and is useful for companies wishing to bring up to date their business processes with an integrated digital tool. 

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What can you do with CataLean?

CataLean allows you to manage all of your product information from a single online tool. Furthermore, it makes the performance of technical and marketing departments more productive, there will no longer be any need to send hundreds of emails about product updates.

With CataLean you will be able to simplify the sales process and make it more interactive.

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Is it possible to see a CataLean demonstration?

Yes. We are always ready to show CataLean in action.

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Is it possible to have a pilot project?

Sure. A pilot project can be developed for a limited number of products and a for limited number of devices (tablet, smartphone, PC or touch screen display). You can eventually decide whether to improve the tool by adding other functions.

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Is it possible to integrate CataLean with my IT systems?

Sure. It is possible to integrate CataLean with various management systems (ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence, E-Commerce). The systems can communicate with each other, generate a series of useful information for the company and improve sales force and marketing efficiency.

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Will it be possible to add more functions in the future?

Yes. CataLean is a scalable tool. It means that if in the future you will need some specific functions to be addedto your tool, we will be able to evaluate it. CataLean can be adjusted to your needs and follows your evolution. 

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How much does CataLean cost?

CataLean provides a suite of features that can be adapted to the needs and size of your company and your sales network.

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How can I get a quote?

Want to know how much CataLean will cost your company? Ask for a quote and we will contact you within 48 hours.

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How long will it take to develop CataLean for my company?

Project delivery time depends on the degree of complexity of the requested solution. Development of simple solutions usually requires from two to four weeks.

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Is there technical support for CataLean?

Certainly. In case of usage difficulties, technical problems or if you need further clarifications on technical issues, please contact our technical team who will be happy to assist you.

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Can I manage content updates independently?

Yes, the control panel enables you to download, update, modify or delete your product information in real time.

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Is it necessary to have technical knowledge to be able to use CataLean?

No. CataLean does not require any technical background. You can update your product information yourself through a simple online control panel. 

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How does the control panel work?

When your product catalogue is ready, you can access the control panel through which you will be able to download new photos and videos, change technical data of your products, add documentation for download and much more.

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Are my data safe on CataLean?

Where does all your product information end up? All information is stored in a cloud infrastructure that guarantees the highest standarts of data reliability and confidentiality.

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Is there a multilingual version of the catalogue?

Yes. CataLean is available in all the languages you might need to present your products.

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How can I become a reseller?

We place great importance on the technical and commercial partnership network in order to give complete solutions for the benefit of our customers. If you are interested in becoming an official CataLean partner, please ask for documentation to make a request.

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What is Addiction?

Addiction Digital Pioneers is a software company based in Montecchio Emilia (Italy). Since 2006 it has been designing and developing new digital tools for businesses. Application solutions built by Addiction adopt secure infrastructures in cloud architecture, solid technology development and high-quality standards of programming, design and usability.

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